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Blogs abound. Why read this one? What you can expect on Smavvy:

  • Commentary/updates on key happenings in Vancouver's marketing, communications and sales communities
  • Insights on hiring and engaging marketing, communications and sales professionals
  • Observations of the motivations/expectations of the emerging workforce
  • Tips on building strong employer brands' to attract and retain employees
  • Funny stuff to help brighten your day
Jennifer Wilson's picture
Jennifer Wilson

How to Host a #StandApart Oscar Party

If there's one great common denominator between us all at the office, it's the movies.  We all see them. We all love them (or hate them, which makes for equally good conversation). Some of us might even wish we were in them.  Vancouver, with its "Hollywood North" reputation, is the ideal...

Anna Perminova's picture
Anna Perminova

Love Monday #49: How to Fail-Forward

Pop quiz: Vancouver's current weather forecast is best represented by which Oscar nominee? If you guessed Disney's big screen comeback "Frozen", then you should definitely be part of our Smart Savvy Oscar Pool Contest. It's open to all, with four top prizes of $100, $75 and $50 movie gift cards up...

Peter Reek's picture
Peter Reek

Who’s Outsourcing their LinkedIn Profile?

Since we launched Smart Savvy’s career services, almost one year ago, we’ve been learning a thing or two about what drives people to tackle their online career brand. As it turns out, the vast majority of people who approach us for a revamp of their resume or LinkedIn profile aren’t job-seekers at...

Anna Perminova's picture
Anna Perminova

LoveMonday #48: It's Just Art

Last week, we announced our first annual Oscar Pool Contest with $100, $75 and $50 movie gift cards up for grabs for top honours. Spaces are filling up, so please email OscarContest@smartsavvy.com to join in the fun! In the meantime, we've rounded up our top picks for the best "art-...

Peter Reek's picture
Peter Reek

Announcing the Smart Savvy Oscar Pool Contest

Sure, you’re up on industry news but how about pure entertainment?   In the spirit of red carpet season, we thought it would be fun to bring together Vancouver’s A-list companies and professionals for the first annual Smart Savvy Oscar Pool Contest.   That’s right, we’re pitching...

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