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Sound career advice? Tina Fey on Bras, Lean Cuisine and Workplace Crying

Tina Fey

This week, Tina Fey put out some straightforward “career advice” for women.  

When Inside the Actor’s Studio host, James Lipton, asked, “How does a woman, like you, make her way through a man’s world?” Tina Fey shared three, no-nonsense workplace guidelines:

After laughing, I thought I’d add a recruiters’ take on her advice:

1)   Always wear a bra. Let me assure you, no hiring manager has ever asked me about your undergarments or even how you dress. That said, the clothes you wear walking into your interview – right through to your last day on the job – matter. A lot. From your LinkedIn profile picture to your interpretation of “casual Friday,” it’s about syncing your outward impression with your professional goals.

2)   Don’t eat diet food in front of others. It weakens you. I cringe to think of all the Lean Cuisines doomed to stay forever unclaimed in lunchroom freezers after this comment. The point here is not what you eat. It’s about reassessing your personal/professional boundaries. It’s also about sharpening your sense of what’s appropriate: i.e. proudly sharing your commitments to fitness and health versus a total rehash of your caloric intake.

3)   It’s OK to cry. Sheryl Sandberg inspired a collective sigh when she admitted to crying on the job, saying: “[at work] it’s all professional and it’s all personal, all at the very same time.” I agree. If you are passionate about your job and personally invested in your goals, you may very well, at some point, cry. Here’s my advice post waterworks: as soon as you're composed, identify the pain-point at hand and create an action-plan for tackling it head on. Then, so you don’t (in Tina Fey’s words) "scare the sh*t out of people," find a matter-of-fact way to let colleagues know you’ve moved on.

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