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Why Us

Brilliant minds fuel brilliant growth.

Marketing, communications and sales leaders are in demand and good ones, in short supply. Smart, Savvy is committed to helping companies like yours connect with seasoned professionals who will help grow your business.

Recruiting talented leaders shouldn’t feel like starting from scratch. Given our focus in marketing, communications and sales we understand the challenges you face and we know where to find the leaders you want. We are intimately connected to a network of top candidates with the experience and expertise you need.

We believe that first-round interviews should present choices, not dead ends. Our associates efficiently produce qualified and pre-screened candidates selected to specifically compliment your team. Smart, Savvy follows industry proven processes by a thorough and personal touch.

By taking the time to understand what you’re looking for, we waste no time in delivering WHO you need.


We sweat the details.

Smart, Savvy + Associates will source and present you with the best marketing, communications and sales professionals by ensuring we:

Clearly understand your needs

We invest the time to go deep with your needs and present only the most suitable candidates who meet your  needs and expectations.

Conduct a thorough search

We will employ the best strategies to secure top candidates. In addition to drawing from our existing candidate pool, this includes research, referral networking, online sourcing (we scour the internet) and strategic/targeted advertising as required.

Communicate frequently and openly

We will follow up at preset upon intervals and provide prompt, accurate feedback following all candidate interviews.

Provide you with outstanding service and help you achieve your business goals

We will operate with your best interests in mind, treating you with respect, providing input and giving straightforward feedback.

Maintain the highest standards in professional ethics

We will be consistently honest and fair in compliance with Employment Equity Legislation.

Put you first

We will not recruit employees from our clients and we will encourage your employees to explore alternatives in your organization if they contact us seeking new opportunities.


Right fit. Guaranteed.

Hey, we’ve all been there.

Looks great from the front, but the 3-way mirror tells a completely different story.

We stand behind our work.   So much so, we guarantee our placements and will provide a full credit for the cost of their replacement should things not work out.

Our agreement provides more details about this guarantee.

Ask us about it.

Our Team

Meet the team.

The Smart Savvy team is comprised of individuals covering every corner of the marketing industry. It’s our joy to help professionals find the work they love to do and to help companies continue the great work they were meant for.

That’s us below. Click to find out more.

bright minds. brilliant growth.


We find senior-level marketing, sales, communications, and creative professionals with proven track records for companies who need them.

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